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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a diverse range of online degree programs in Management, Information Technology, Commerce, Arts, Data Science, Business Analytics, Media and Journalism, and Supply Chain, all offered in collaboration with the prestigious MUJ University.
Admission requirements vary by program, but generally include a high school diploma or equivalent, transcripts, and standardized test scores. Some programs may also require essays, letters of recommendation, or interviews.
The duration of online degree programs varies by program and level of study, but generally ranges from 2 to 4 years for undergraduate programs and 1.5 to 2 years for graduate programs.
Tuition fees for online degree programs vary by program and level of study, but we offer competitive and affordable tuition rates, with various financial aid options available to eligible students.
We offer a comprehensive range of support services to online students, including academic advising, tutoring, career services, technical support, and 24/7 access to our online library and research resources.
Graduates of our online degree programs are well-prepared for a wide range of career opportunities, with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in various industries and sectors. Our career services team provides support and resources to help you achieve your career goals after graduation.
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